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The Story of the Star

Many people have asked over the past months, "WHY THE STAR?"

A star is the main background to the button you see as our Foundation logo. This button was created as a tribute to Erik, by his hockey Coach, Bob Janozik's wife, Laurie. Erik's entire hockey team came to his wake wearing their uniforms with these buttons on them. After people saw his teammates wearing them, everyone seemed to want one. That is, in part, how the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation was created. The foundation's initial funds were raised through the sale of these buttons.

The button has not only become our logo, but has also been used on scholarship plaques, the St. Alexander class of 2001 (of which Erik was a member) graduation t-shirts in memory of Erik, and is the center of Erik's headstone.

To really clinch the "star" connection, just a day after we buried Erik, a package came to our home informing us that good friends had named a real star after him. Although we know that Erik now lives with the Angels among the stars, whenever we actually need to see him, we only need to look up...

Cepheus RA 20h 55m 8s D 70 52'

...and we can see ERIK BOHNE-PACE.

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