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Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Scholarship, a child needs to be nominated by a faculty member of either St. Alexander School in Palos Heights, Illinois, St. Christopher School in Midlothian, Illinois, or a coach with the St. Jude Knights Hockey Club of Crestwood, Illinois.

The Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation will provide academic scholarships that the honoree can apply to a parochial high school or defer to their college expenses.

The recipient of Erik's scholarship will be the type of child that, although may not be blessed with all of the God given natural talent, is willing to work hard to improve his or her skills, shows that he or she plays by the rules, keeps a positive attitude, is supportive of his or her team or class, shows good character and sticks up for the child that others pick on, even if it means getting made fun of. There are many different scholarships out there for children who are naturally gifted, whether it is in sports or academics. We want this scholarship to be for the kids who have shown that they have the HEART to work at it!!!

In addition to having the above, the potential honoree must:

  1. Be an 8th Grader applying to a high school this fall.
  2. Carry a B- or higher school average.
  3. Be a GOOD person who treats others with respect and empathy.
  4. Currently attend St. Alexander School, St. Christopher School, or be an active member of a St. Jude Knight's House League Hockey Team.

Please submit your nominations in an essay form for any student(s) in your class or on your team that you feel exemplify the character traits that we have mentioned. Also, feel free to add how you feel this child would benefit from receiving these funds.

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