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The COREMatters Project builds a more peaceful and productive learning environment for students by working with the children who exhibit disrespectful, physically aggressive, and/or bullying behaviors. These students are the target group for The COREMatters Project. The COREMatters Project works with students helping them replace the false power that bullying provides, with a true feeling of self-respect and a raised awareness of compassion and respect for others.

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"St. Jude Founder Danny Thomas believed that 'No child should die in the dawn of life.' Thanks to the support of the Erik Bohne-Pace Foundation, the researchers and doctors at St. Jude are coming closer everyday to making that vision a reality. Christy and John Pace have taken the loss of their son Erik and turned it into a chance at survival for hundreds of other children."

-Susan M. Sieja, Regional Director
  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"The Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation has made a significant contribution to Blue Cap. Their support has enriched the services we are able to offer individuals with developmental disabilities. We are very grateful for the leadership and the commitment they have shown."

-Liz Mlcoch, Director of Development
  Blue Cap

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