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Disrespect, aggression and bullying in our schools are on the fore-front of our minds. Many programs in our elementary schools addressing disrespect, aggression, and bullying attempt to provide an environment that has firm limits to unacceptable behavior. It has been our findings and observations that simply adding additional rules and restrictions does not positively affect the overall school environment.

In 2011, the Board of Directors of the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation voted to expand the philanthropic activities of the foundation. Based on the great need among young people in this area, and throughout the country to have an educational program that will bring the basics of respect back into the classrooms as well as outside the classroom, it is the belief of the Board of Directors to create and administer a program that will help combat the influences on today's youth and begin to make a difference in the quality of life for all its citizens.

The COREMatters Project builds a more peaceful and productive learning environment for students by working with the children who exhibit disrespectful, physically aggressive, and/or bullying behaviors. These students are the target group for The COREMatters Project. The COREMatters Project works with students helping them replace the false power that bullying provides, with a true feeling of self-respect and a raised awareness of compassion and respect for others.

Funding for The COREMatters Project will be obtained through grants and private donations by the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation.

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